Where to Order Microdose Mushrooms

When psychedelic where to buy shrooms online first became legal in Denver, Colorado, last year, many people feared they would be decriminalized in the way of marijuana. That would encourage a cottage industry of guides and psychedelic educators, along with unregulated sellers on Facebook marketplaces. But so far, it seems like mushrooms are being sold in much the same way cannabis has been: through small stores and in private messaging conversations between buyers and sellers. And while it is still illegal to sell the mushrooms, there has been a noticeable drop in police reports and confiscations since the local law went into effect.

The use of fungi containing the hallucinogen psilocybin for health and well-being has a long history across diverse cultures1. Following centuries of aggressive colonial suppression most recently manifested in the drug war, the psychedelic has emerged outside of its traditional indigenous context as an agent to treat psychological distress and enhance wellbeing.2 While most interest has focused on doses sufficient to elicit dramatic changes in consciousness, smaller “microdoses” of psilocybin have also been the subject of substantial research.

Shroom Shopping: Navigating the Options in Canada

Our microdose capsules deliver a safe, controlled and effective dose of psilocin (the active compound in magic mushrooms) in a convenient and easy to swallow format. Using organic Golden Teacher mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) and free from any mycelium or fillers that may contaminate the psilocin concentration, they are an ideal entry point to your microdose journey. Whether as part of a regular dosing regimen or used as a single on-demand dose, they will help you on your journey to find inner peace.

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