What to Expect From a Diesel Tune Up

diesel tune ups

Taking care of diesel tune ups vehicles takes a special kind of mechanic. They need to understand the differences between gasoline and diesel engines, and be familiar with the unique issues that they can cause. Taking your diesel vehicle to a certified diesel mechanic will ensure that it gets the best service possible.

Diesel engines are designed to be very reliable, and if they’re properly maintained, they can run for hundreds of thousands of miles. However, just like gasoline engines, diesel trucks need regular tune ups to keep them running as well as possible. While they don’t need ignition tune ups (to replace spark plugs or distributors), diesel engines do need to have the fuel system tuned up.

Diesel Tune-Ups: Elevating Engine Performance and Efficiency

Some of the most important diesel tune ups include oil/filter changes, cleaning the injector pumps, and inspection of the glow plugs. These are the first things that most diesel mechanics will check, as they are critical to getting your truck started in cold temperatures. Changing the diesel engine oil regularly prevents friction and excessive heat from damaging the engine, while the filter prevents dirt and water from clogging it up.

Diesel trucks also have two fuel filters, one in the gas tank and a secondary between the transfer pump and the fuel injectors. If these get dirty, it will reduce the flow of fuel and negatively affect engine performance. Diesel fuel contains more impurities than gasoline, so the secondary filter is often used to eliminate rust and other contaminants from the fuel.

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