Types of Land Surveying Services Offered by Land Surveying Companies

Phoenix land surveying company

Phoenix land surveying company  the measurement and mapping of the Earth’s surface. It is essential for resolving property disputes, land development, and adhering to industry standards. There are many Phoenix land surveying companies that provide a variety of services catering to residential and commercial properties. Before selecting a surveyor, it is important to consider their expertise, rates, and communication style. A reputable surveyor will also be familiar with state and local municipalities property laws, codes, and ordinances.

Boundary surveys are the most common type of land surveying service. They help establish legal property boundaries which are crucial for resolving disputes between neighbors and for avoiding costly legal issues down the road. Topographic surveys are a more comprehensive type of land survey that provides information about the physical features of the land surface, including elevations and contour lines. These can be helpful for commercial and residential developments, ensuring that structures are built on the correct sites.

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Construction staking and as-built surveys are other types of land surveying services. Construction staking involves the layout of survey points on the ground in relation to plans prepared by design professionals. This is a crucial service for new construction projects and ensures that structures are built according to specifications. As-built surveys are used to document the status of construction projects and verify that they are complete. This information is used by project managers and construction inspectors to review work quality and compliance with standards. This is particularly important for regulated industries, such as the mining industry.

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