The Real World Andrew Tate Review

the real world andrew tate

The real. World Andrew Tate is an online business program that teaches people how to make money and build their own businesses. It also offers a community of like-minded people and provides daily educational videos and resources. The program is run by Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer who has several business ventures.

While he is not explicitly calling for violence, Tate’s hypnotic social media videos and extremist ideas contain red flags of cult-like indoctrination. His rhetoric about isolating followers from mainstream society and his characterization of women as dumb hoes echo dangerously outdated views of gender. His concepts of male dominance and submissive women have been characterized by domestic abuse charities as being capable of radicalising men to commit physical harm offline.

Behind the Success: The Real World Strategies by Andrew Tate

Tate has created numerous programs designed to teach people how to make money, some of which have been successful while others have been widely criticized as scams. Some of these programs include hustlers university, the real world and the war room. The war room is an exclusive online course for high-net-worth individuals that provides a wealth of information and mentorship from various experts.

One of the questions surrounding the war room is whether or not it is a pyramid scheme, because it requires users to aggressively promote the product on TikTok and Instagrams in order to earn commissions. The war room also claims to have a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, although that claim has been contested by multiple users.

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