Mast Climbers – The Modern Construction Tool

When a building project requires access to high level works, mastclimbers are proving to be a valuable modern construction tool. A motorised platform that travels up and down vertical masts, these machines enable builders, engineers and masons to complete their work quicker and more efficiently than would be possible using traditional scaffolding structures.

Providing safe and reliable access, mast climbers are being used in many sectors and projects. Examples include sign installation on commercial and residential buildings, facade cladding and painting on bridges and other infrastructure sites. They can also be utilised for HVAC and electrical work where access to elevated areas is needed for inspection or maintenance.

Mast Climbers: Advantages and Applications in Construction

Mast climbers can be freestanding or anchored and, depending on the model, can reach heights of up to 9 meters for single masts and up to 15 meters for twin masts. Although considered to be relatively safe equipment, it is still important for a contractor to ensure that the system is being operated correctly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In the case of Klimer models, training courses are available including Occupant, Operator, Installation, Refresher and Train-the-trainer modules, with specific model-specific training also offered.

The popularity of mastclimbers continues to rise and Robin Head believes that, while a small segment of the industry has continued to resist their use, this is slowly changing. The cost savings that can be made compared to scaffolding, coupled with the speed of erection and dismantling, are major attractions.

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