How to Navigate With Your Partner’s Affair


It is common for the hurt partner of infidelity to want a clear and understandable explanation about the best affair websites, how it started, and why. This is a very complicated and painful time as the spouse who discovered the infidelity has to deal with a variety of complex emotions and thoughts that often trigger self-doubt about their worth as a spouse. It’s also a time when they are often seeking truth, especially from God, about who they are as a spouse.

The betraying spouse, on the other hand, is going through a very similar struggle but has a different perspective. The betraying partner often has a harder time accepting the depth of pain caused to their mate and will try to minimize the affair by saying things like “it wasn’t as bad as it sounds” or “we can work through this”.

Embracing Vulnerability: Reconnecting with Your Partner After an Affair

The couple needs to explore what was happening during the infidelity with honesty and openness, and it is best if the affair partner stays away from this process, since they can impede the healing that takes place. Depending on the answers that are found, it will help both couples decide whether to stay together and work through this and what the future of their marriage is going to look like. Oftentimes, the discovery of an affair turns a light on underlying issues such as poor communication, attachment difficulties, and antiquated gender roles that can be difficult to address.

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