How to Grow Magic Mushrooms Using Syringes


magic mushroom spores uk can be a great way to experience a psychoactive trip without spending too much money on drugs. However, you must be careful when picking them because they can be poisonous or deadly.

Identifying Magic Mushrooms

The first step in identifying magic mushrooms is to determine their type. This is important because fungi can vary in appearance and size. It’s also helpful to know what habitat they prefer.

The History and Cultural Significance of Magic Mushrooms in the UK

Another way to identify magic mushrooms is by their gills (lamellae). These paper-thin structures are attached to the underside of the cap, radiating outward from the stem. The gills can have distinctive microscopic or macroscopic features that help you identify the type of mushroom you’re looking at.

How to Make a Spore Print

In order to make a spore print, you’ll need some distilled water and a spore syringe. Syringes are one of the easiest methods for growing magic mushrooms at home because they allow you to inject a small amount of spores directly into a culture jar.

Using Syringes

When you’re ready to start your cultivation process, you’ll need to sterilize the substrate you’ll be using. Whether you’re growing on agar plates or liquid culture jars, this step is crucial.

Aside from agar, you can also use spawn bags with pre-sterilized grain spores (rye, wheat, or millet) to grow your mycelium. Alternatively, you can use an inoculation loop to inject the spores into your substrate. Lastly, you’ll need to bulk up your substrate with manure so it can support the mycelium.

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