How to Create Profitable Facebook Ads

How to create profitable facebook ads and then deliver it to the perfect audience at just the right time. That’s why you need to set clear, measurable goals and objectives before you start.

Use Facebook’s built-in campaign planner to set your budget, schedule and placement options. Facebook ads operate on an auction model, where millions of advertisers are bidding for the same placements that billions of people see every day. If you’re not optimizing your bid strategy, you could be spending more than you should.

Choose either a daily or lifetime budget. A daily budget allows you to specify an amount that you want Facebook to spend each day, and when the budget is spent, the ad(s) stop running. This option is best if you’re testing new tactics and don’t know how well they’ll perform.


Your ad creative is what gets you noticed in the first place, and that’s where many campaigns fail. Don’t use low-quality images or stock photos, and avoid using stolen images from Google (or any other search engine). Ads that include images of faces work incredibly well on Facebook but don’t be afraid to try something different as long as it doesn’t break the rules.

Once you’ve found some ad creatives that work, combine them into an ad set. Then, create a broad audience based on the best performing one (with some guardrails on age and gender). Finally, target that ad to the broad audience you just created to expand your reach even further.

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