How to Choose a Harvest Basket

harvest basket

Whether you’re harvesting fruits and veggies or just shopping at the farmers market, a good basket is essential. A durable basket is easy to clean and can easily carry the weight of a bunch of produce. It also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, so it looks just as good empty as it does full of ripe tomatoes or fresh-picked corn. To find the right harvest basket, consider your budget and style, then look for a material that is food-safe for your harvested veggies or perfect for carrying long-stemmed cut flowers.

Wicker is a harvest basket option, but it can be difficult to keep clean if you’re slinging dirt-covered carrots in and out of the basket. If you want a beautiful and functional harvest basket, consider a basket made with natural wood fibers. For example, this vintage-inspired galvanized flower caddy from Gardener’s Supply Company is food-safe for your harvested veggies and makes a great display for your beautiful bouquets. It’s even rustproof and watertight, so you can use it to rinse your veggies or flowers outdoors before bringing them inside.

Maximize Space, Minimize Clutter: Discover the Versatility of Storage Baskets

This metal-replica of a traditional German basket has been handcrafted by the descendants of the original manufacturer who shut down after World War II. The family-owned and operated enterprise restarted production of this and other metal baskets in 1989, so you’re supporting a small business while getting a gorgeous basket that will last for years. A study that evaluated the effects of a typical basket (TB) and a new basket with attached rotational handles found that the RHB decreased discomfort for participants in seven muscles of the hand.

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