Email Validation Tool

Email Validation Tool

An email validation tool is the best way to verify if your emails are valid and will reach their intended recipients. These tools help to lower bounce rates, improve sender reputation, and increase overall deliverability.

A good email validation tool is able to identify spam traps, hard bounces, disposable emails, and typos. It also removes fake and misspelled email addresses, helping your bounce rate to decrease and your list to stay clean.

Xverify is a powerful email verification tool that reduces spam complaints, minimizes fraud, and eliminates hard bounces. It performs risk validation for high-risk keywords and TLDs to ensure that your email is delivered to the right person.

Mailgun’s email validation service checks your email lists for spam traps, inactive mailboxes, typos, and more. Its API-driven verification helps you reduce your email bounce rate and prevent bad emails from getting into your database in the first place.

How to Verify if an Email Address is Real: Tips and Tools

The service is easy to use and integrates with your website forms or CRM application. It also supports bulk verification via a CSV file upload or connection to your ESP.

MX Record Check

The MX record is the domain name of the mail server that accepts emails on behalf of a specific email address. It is an essential step in verifying your list for invalid email addresses.

This email verification tool is free for up to 100 emails per day and has several paid plans that start at $0.0009 based on the number of verifications you want to do. It is a great option for email marketers who need to validate their list in bulk.

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