Dermaplaning – Is Dermaplaning Really Worth It?

If you’re a big beauty TikTok binger like myself (or just a normal person who loves to get her glow on), you might have seen some buzz about this ultra-smoothing treatment called dermaplaning. The basic premise is that an aesthetician uses a small, sterile blade to gently scrape the faceā€”and by “scrape” we mean that it’s removing those fine, whispy facial hairs that can make skin look patchy or dull. As a result, dermaplaning isn’t just an exfoliator; it also serves to smooth out uneven skin texture and leave your makeup (especially foundation) looking less cakey.

How long fillers last?

The treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, though your skincare professional may put on a numbing cream or spray before getting to work. The process is super quick and relatively painless, especially since the blade used is so much smaller than your typical razor and doesn’t actually touch the surface of your face. But if you’re still nervous about it, chat with your practitioner before the appointment to see if they can apply a numbing cream beforehand.

Besides making your skin look super-smooth and soft, dermaplaning helps with any uneven pigmentation or dark spots on the face, and it allows your creams and serums to penetrate deeper into the skin. But there are some skeptics who believe it can actually cause the skin to appear thicker or darker, so keep that in mind if you’re considering giving it a go.

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