Covered Walkway For Homes

A covered walkway for homes is a great addition to the front of a home, whether it’s short and straight to the door or more circuitous or leads into a courtyard entry. It’s also an unexpected blank canvas for modern landscaping and practical raised gardens. Plus, it’s a place for you to enjoy the view without being exposed to sun or rain.

To make a covered walkway truly memorable, try mixing it up with different materials for an eclectic design. A simple concrete walkway is functional and budget friendly, but it can also be painted with a unique pattern for visual interest. Timber is another cost effective option for covered walkways, and it can be stained or painted in the timber color of your choice. For a more traditional style, pavers can create an organic walkway that complements your landscaping and architectural focal point.

Enhancing Residential Spaces: Covered Walkways for Homes

Stone is also a wonderful material for creating covered walkways, and it can be used in both pillar and arched forms. However, a stone walkway may be more expensive than a concrete or brick one, so it’s important to consider the overall cost of your project when selecting this option.

Shade sails are another excellent choice for covered walkways, and they can be positioned to block out a specific amount of sun or rain. For example, the large rusted steel and corrugated fiberglass shade structure covers a walkway that leads to the bright yellow front door of this desert modern home from RDH Architects.

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