Choosing a Lenovo Graphics Card

Graphics card is the part of a laptop that provides the graphics processing capability for playing games, watching videos and other tasks. There are two types of laptop graphics cards, integrated and discrete. The first type, known as “integrated graphics,” is used by laptops with Intel or AMD processors. This type of graphics card uses shared resources to reduce system costs, but you won’t get as much performance from it.

Which laptop graphics card is best for gaming?

The second type of graphics card is the discrete graphics card, which is found on laptops that have dedicated graphics chips from companies like AMD and NVIDIA(r). These laptops also have their own video memory. This way, the demand on shared resources is reduced – especially when it comes to PC gaming graphics card for laptops – resulting in better performance.

Choosing the right graphics card is based on your gaming needs and budget. You need to consider the GPU size (expressed in Watts), clock speed and memory bandwidth. These are important to consider as they can affect the overall performance of your laptop.

You can use a utility called GPU-Z to check the performance of your graphics card. This program lets you view all of the graphics cards on your computer and the amount of video memory it has.

If you’re a serious gamer, then it’s important to buy a graphics card that can handle the latest titles. Lenovo offers several Legion gaming desktop models that are built for PC gamers, as well as a variety of other game-ready ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops. Many of these gaming models feature tool-less graphics card upgrade systems that allow you to swap out graphics cards easily in the future.

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